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04 herbal tea recipes for the Summer

A glass of ice-cold herbal tea is the perfect refreshment on hot summer days that is also nutritious, or is it?

Yes and no. While cold herbal teas are great, there are also other thirst quenching and satiating recipes that taste just as great and also nutritious! In this blog, we’ll show you four such ideas that you can make from scratch.

If you love your herbal teas, keep reading to see what we have lined up for you.

Turmeric Lemonade


03 Tipson Turmeric Ginger and Lemon tea bags

Half a lemon

Pinch of sea salt

Honey as per preference

Sparkling water

Ice cubes


Place the tea bags in a heatproof jar and add ⅓ cup of boiling water to make a tea concentrate, let it steep uncovered, and after a few minutes pop it in the freezer

In a separate glass add the lemon juice, honey, and salt give that a good stir

Time to assemble everything, to your serving glass add a handful of ice cubes, cooled tea concentrate, lemon honey mix, and finally top it off your lemonade with sparkling water

Give it a quick stir and enjoy!

Matcha Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


04 Tipson Matcha Honey and Lemon tea bags

02 small frozen bananas

½ cup of diced frozen mango

01 cup of fresh kale

¼ cup of plain Greek yogurt

½ cup of coconut milk or as per preference

02 tablespoons of honey or as per preference


To a blender empty the contents of the tea bags along with all the other ingredients and blend on high until you are left with a smooth and creamy consistency

If the consistency is too thick adjust the coconut milk proportions, usually smoothie bowls are thick but well incorporated

Pour into a serving bowl and top it off with your favorite toppings or fruit of choice (blueberries, strawberries kiwi, coconut flakes, chia seeds)


Hibiscus Popsicles


½ cup of Tipson Tulsi Hibiscus tea bag contents

02 cups of water

¾ cup of sugar or as per preference

¼ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice

Freshly grated zest of a lime

¼ teaspoon of sea salt


In a medium saucepan combine sugar and water and bring to a boil while stirring to dissolve the sugar

Add in the tea contents and give it a quick stir, turn off the heat and let it steep for around 15 minutes or up to 60 minutes for a stronger flavor and color

Strain the syrup into a glass bowl and pop it in the refrigerator to chill until very cold

In a measuring cup stir in a cup of cold water, lime juice, zest, and salt

To each of the popsicle molds pour in the sugar syrup and the lime mixture in equal proportions, and freeze until solid

Once completely frozen, run the molds under warm running water or leave the molds at room temperature for around 05 minutes to easily release the popsicle

Use plastic wrap to store the leftover popsicles in the freezer


Moringa Mango Sorbet


02 Tipson Moringa and Mango tea bags

01 cup of frozen diced mango

01 frozen banana

¼ cup of coconut milk or as per preference


Empty the contents of the tea bags into a blender and add in the remaining ingredients and blend on high


Spring is almost over and we’re starting to feel the Summer sun on our heels. What better way to toast the start of a new season than with these nutrient-dense and flavorful herbal tea recipes? We’re running out of ideas, tag us on our socials if you do try out these recipes, and let us know your feedback! Happy Summer Brewing!

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