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A day of self care with Tipson!

Like literally anything, we need a complete regeneration to regain its best state for both mind and body. You are your responsibility! Things you do hoping for self betterment and things you avoid that are bad for your health are all on your hands. Although this may sound pretty daunting, it isn’t impossible, and we are here to guide you on a whole day of self care that’ll let you wake up to a healthier, better you!




The start, deduces the end

Those treadmill runs after noon will only get you so far. The start of the day has to be well worked out and motivative you to do more the rest of the day. In a nutshell, wake up early! That alone would give you confidence and make you feel more accomplished. You’ll also have more time to tackle the morning workload and you will instantly feel more productive and ready to do more!



By waking up early, you’ll have more time till breakfast, to throw on a pair of shoes and go for a run. The intention is to get your blood going and muscles worked up and active. About 30 minutes would be plenty, rest to cool down for a while and have a healthy, filling breakfast with a side of herbal tea. The meal will get you stocked up on energy and the tea will provide enough and more herbal treatment for anything from muscle pain from the run to better overall wellbeing! 



Fresh Air

The morning sunshine is great, it’ll hit the cholesterol in the skin cells providing the energy for vitamin D formation. This is the perfect time to do any outdoor work, like gardening, wall painting, and so on. Make the moment worthwhile, breath in the fresh outside air, let the sunlight hit you, and break a sweat!


Lunch to munch

This is where it gets a little hard! We all know that a deep fried platter from our favourite restaurant is very hard to pass on, but the fact is you should. If you want your lunch to do just what it should (supply energy and nutrition without being too heavy), consider having a light meal. Salads, a well balanced portion of rice, meat and fruits scream healthy. Basically as long as you avoid processed and junk food, an “easy on the tummy” lunch would do you well!



With all the good energy packed inside, it only makes even more sense to have some alone time and rediscover yourself! Meditation is very promising, nothing too hard, simply sit flat on the floor with crossed legs, eyes closed and take deep breaths in and out. Aside from putting you in a more relaxed and aware state, meditation also has a lot of health benefits too, mostly associated with the brain and memory. 


A slice of dinner

Dinner is often “spoiled” by situational factors. Dinner is a meal anyone can attend, so it is easily used as the time slot for gatherings, get togethers and parties. This means more food, heavier and oily ones at that. Since the next thing you do is sleep, it is important to have something that the body could easily handle! We recommend something light such as soups, steamed vegetables, and grilled fish but don’t restrict yourself too much, after all you should have something you like, just make sure it isn’t a bowl of grease!


Good night’s sleep

Right before bed (at least an hour after dinner), a herbal or chamomile tea would be very rewarding. In fact, any tea of preference would be just as good, as long as it’s caffeine free. Tea will help you wind down and make you more ready and comfortable for bed. A day of great productivity wouldn’t last long if not well rested, so go to bed in time to catch at least 8 hours of sleep.


There you have it, a whole day spent right, benefiting your mind and body. If this got you stoked on self care, visit tipsonteausa.com for motivation to become a healthier, happier you! 




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