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About Us

Find out all about the story, history, and roots of the
premier herbal infusions manufacturer, Tipson Tea.

Who Are We?

Tipson Tea is a phenomenal brand that serves to provide products meant to inspire people to make healthier food and beverage choices. We also strive to integrate our product in to the daily routines of consumers in a simple and fun-filled way. The main audiences we address are the health conscious people, as we desire to create a customer base that want healthy and functional products that are also convenient to use.

Our brand is spearheaded by amazing personal and professional skills as we operate with effective and efficient communication skills, time management, attention to detail and organization. Better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavors and blends, are some of the elements that set us apart from those around us.


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Our Production Facility

We have set up our own manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka with our marketing, finance and administration centralized at the same location. This ensures that we have total control over the quality of our products and guarantee that the best possible products are made for our consumers. We are available at retail outlet chains and online for purposes of distribution. Currently we are in the US, Trinidad, Chile, Russia and are looking at expanding into other markets.

From the ingredients and to the packaging itself, we use the best quality materials for our products, rigorously sourcing our organic and natural ingredients only from suppliers that meet our ethical and operational quality requirements. Striving to be the number one brand choice for consumers within health and wellness category, we always capitalize on three main strongholds- highest quality, natural or organic
and functionality.

Our Certifications

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