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Best teas to drink after a big night out

It’s always good to let loose once in a while and enjoy ourselves. However, some nights out are accompanied by unwelcomed hangovers. But, that’s not a reason to stop enjoying yourself. We are bringing some of the best herbal hangover cures to you in this blog so that you can party all night long without any worries! 

03 herbal teas to fix your hangover

Ginger Tea

We’re starting this rundown with ginger, one of the most valuable and versatile herbs in the world. It is famed for its taste and the plethora of health benefits it brings. One of the great benefits of ginger that helps when dealing with hangovers is its ability to alleviate nausea. Alcohol can be very irritating to your stomach lining. This can cause excess acid build-up in your stomach which in turn can make you feel nauseated. So, ginger’s ability to keep your digestive functions stable and blood pressure consistent helps to alleviate feelings of nausea. 

Other notable benefits of ginger:

Keeps viruses & bacteria at bay

Tackles menstrual cramps

Contains anti-inflammatory properties 

A natural cure for cough and cold

Mint Tea

Mint is as good a cure as a good night’s sleep for hangovers. Similar to ginger, mint also contains properties that ease abdominal discomfort, bloating and other unpleasantries that come with hangovers. Mint’s soothing effects can also be rather effective against nausea. Moreover, it helps improve concentration and boosts the energy levels to get you active again.

Other notable benefits of mint:

Can help with nasal congestion and improve airflow

Stabilizes high blood sugar levels

Helps cope with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

May improve brain function

Chamomile Tea

Alcohol causes a lot of irritation and inflammation in your body. So, soothing these irritations is key to curing your hangover. What better tea to soothe your body than chamomile tea? So, if you find yourself feeling bloated and nauseated the morning after, reach for a box of chamomile tea.

The calming properties of chamomile tea are thanks to an active ingredient named “Apigenin”. That’s what makes it such a great herb for calming nerves and providing help against anxiety as well. This can be especially important to deal with the “rebound effect” of hangovers with which jitters and anxiety are commonly associated. Alcohol causes your nervous system to slow down and once the alcohol wears off your nervous system comes back to its status quo – hence the name “rebound effect”. Chamomile tea can help to make it a smooth rebound. 

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