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Ceremonial grade matcha vs Culinary grade matcha: What’s the difference?

Matcha is quite versatile, isn’t it? You can brew yourself a lovely cup of tea, latte, iced drink, bake desserts, or even flavor your desserts by sifting the fine powder over them. 

Whether you are a matcha addict or love the occasional cup of matcha, you may have come across so many grades, varieties, or flavors of matcha, and you probably had a hard time making your choice. Here are some tips from us on how you can navigate yourself through the different grades of matcha and find the best fit for you

Generally, matcha is divided into two grades: ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha. They have their similarities and differences which is what we will be uncovering for you today. Scroll down as you discover these grades and become a matcha expert!

What is matcha?

Matcha is a fine powder of ground tea leaves with a bright green hue. The brew is quite rich and thick unlike other types of green tea, has a more leafy (some might even call it grassy) taste and is thicker because matcha production requires the whole leaf. 

Matcha has been an integral part of Japanese culture for over 800 years, so much so that they have their own harvesting methods and varieties of matcha. But did you know that matcha actually originated from China all the way back from the Tang Dynasty? Matcha was brought to Japan by Chinese monks and was passed to Japanese monks!

What is ceremonial grade matcha?

Ceremonial grade matcha is produced to be served in tea ceremonies and other special, ceremonious occasions. It is the highest quality of matcha there is. The reason behind this being that in order to obtain that smooth creamy texture, all the stems and veins are removed and only the young buds are used. Ceremonial matcha has a subtle flavor that can be enjoyed without any additional sweeteners. Whisk yourself a cup with hot water and it will be just perfect!

What is culinary grade matcha?

Culinary grade matcha is of slightly lower quality than ceremonial grade matcha. While the quality is good, ceremonial grade matcha is limited to its uses, but culinary grade matcha is very versatile. It is perfect to consume as tea, on baked goods and other desserts. The color is not the bright vibrant green seen from ceremonial grade matcha because it goes through a less intricate process. Culinary matcha is typical kitchen matcha and contains the whole leaf, stems, and veins in the powder. 

The difference?

This does not however mean that ceremonial grade is better or culinary grade is lacking. This really depends on your personal preference, because every person has a different personality and taste profile. You should be the judge of what suits you and knowing the differences does no harm, in fact quite the opposite! You are able to choose the matcha grade according to your purpose be it price or quality. 

If you have a hard time choosing and it’s also your first time, try both grades and see which best fits your taste profile. Be your own judge and make a decision. 

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