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Our Commitments

Organic Ingredients

Our products use 100% USDA Certified organic products, from organic turmeric to organic flavours.

No Additives

We do not use any artificial flavours or additives in our products. Tipson products are developed to give you the very best.


All Tipson Tea products are free of genetically modified organisms.

Biodegradable Tea Bags

Completely compostable, biodegradable and thus free of plastic and genetically modified material.

FSC®-certified paper

At Tipson Tea, we ensure that we exclusively use of FSC®-certified paper.

Tested For Perfection

From the ingredients to the packaging, we test every single product for best quality.


Certified Organic

All Tipson Teas are USDA-certified Organic. Our commitment to organic-only ingredients also protects your health, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a quality tea without pesticides or GMOs.


Amazing Blends & Quality

Tipson’s flavorful variety of blends give you options. Enjoy tea in original flavors or with delicious additions of fruit, spice, and more. All natural infusions, with the finest ingredients for your health and wellness.


Healing Nutrients

Because of our commitment to fresh, organic teas, you’re getting the maximum benefit for your body. Sip on our teas to revitalize your spirit and recharge your body with only the best nutrients.

Micro Plastics & Staples Free

“Microplastics” refers to microscopic plastic debris, commonly accepted to measure a size of 5mm or less in at least one external dimension in size. However, currently there is no precise internationally standardized definition of a microplastic, which can cause confusion in some situations.

At Tipson Tea USA we are committed to ensuring that all our products are 100% micro plastics and staples free. Our tea bags do not contain any deliberately added micro-size plastic particles (primary microplastics), neither do our products produce microplastic particles due to degradation or wearing (secondary microplastics).

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