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Daily Detoxification is a Breeze with Tipson

The human body is composed of flesh, blood and lots of other things, and with the exposure to the outside world, the food we consume and the daily dosage of physical activity, our body loses its quality. Quality here refers to everything from the physical appearance in the morning mirror to the internal health conditions of even the tiniest living particles. Like for everything else, there are easy comebacks to get your body fully recovered from such damage and ready to roll! Follow along as we strangle the body harming elements from the roots, unveil the damage they cause and guide you on fighting them off and maintaining a strong walled body!





The toxification


Harmful gases released into the atmosphere, dust in the air, processed food and even the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe in are all contributors to the toxification of our bodies. The upside is that the human body is equipped with a group of specialty organs that function towards cleansing and freeing the body from such toxins, them being the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs. For instance, the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe in is filtered and pushed out in the exhalation, the lungs managing to absorb the much needed oxygen in the process. We weren’t deprived of any special abilities when the human body was designed, and countless sophisticated processes do the work into tackling most, if not all of the harmful threats that strike our body. It’s all good then right? Not quite. People, in most ways, are all different from one another, and the toxin eradicating potential is no exception. This is mainly due to varying health conditions, which dispossess the body of its full power, in turn leaving in-body toxins unattended! High exposure to toxin sources is another reason, which is the case with people working in coal mines and chemical factories. This only begins to scratch the surface, so we dedicated a sole section for this below.


The comeback


To outline it all, the world we live in is highly concentrated with toxins and it keeps increasing, the junk, unhealthy food manages to reach new trends and seem more desirable and the increasing time rush forces people to grab the canned soup over the fruit blender. The present day had managed to corner humans into routines that favor the infliction of toxins, thereby making an effort driven comeback essential. If taken each critical point separately;


  • Limit alcohol intake, as excessive alcohol consumption could cause severe damage to the liver, depriving it from its functions of filtering waste and toxins from the body. 
  • Inadequate sleep leaves the detoxification system of the body tired and inefficient, so never cut back on a quality sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water, which is what regulates temperature of the body, lubricates joints, aids nutrition absorption and removes toxic waste from the body.
  • Limit high sugar and processed food as much as possible, as they do nothing but bad to your body, linking to obesity, chronic diseases, diabetes and making the overall detoxification system unhealthy.




The detoxification


With the increased attack power from the opposition, it is only logical to increase our defense as well. Cautious eating and mindful actions will get pretty far, but if more is possible, it is absolutely effective. First off, while making your meals junk free, we could fill in the gaps with much healthier options, like fruits and vegetables, organic grains and herbal beverages. The goal is to enhance the abilities of the bodily organs in the detoxification system and ensure perfect functionality making the best and only real form of detoxification effective. This is exactly what we thrived to achieve and succeeded, with our range of detox teas! Every tea is unique, with a special benefit to a certain aspect of your body, which dedicates to the overall detoxification. 


  • The organic tulsi teas will heal your body from within and boost it’s overall potential.
  • The organic matcha teas provides organic energy to your body, giving you strength and nutrition as well.
  • The organic turmeric teas are all about enhancing the digestive system and healing the body from inflammations.


A keen eye on your body is crucial, as the little things do add up. It isn’t a lot to manage, a little extra time on your usual exercise session, a healthy meal plan and a positive mindset that your body, with the proper encouragement, can tackle anything! 

If you like discovering the true strength of your inner self like this, visit tipsonteausa.com for more inspiring reads and a world of herbal goodness!    


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