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Five Cold Brew Recipes to Boost your Energy

Spring is already here, not even a day late. With fields and gardens full of flowers, animals come out of their much long hibernation. We all know how Spring encourages us to do more gardening, spring cleaning, and to get outdoors for play dates and just about every other nature encounter.

Since Spring made its way to us and Summer is almost here. What better way to celebrate than some refreshing cold drinks to keep you hydrated while you spend time outdoors? While wanting to always provide you with an exciting twist, we at Tipson are bringing you five cold herbal brews to not only keep you replenished and refreshed, but also to boost your energy! So let’s get straight into our recipes!

Tulsi and Peppermint

iced honey and lime soda with mint – refreshing drink

With its pleasant aroma, peppermint can be a breath freshener on top of  lifting up your mood. Tulsi on the other hand with its handful of health benefits and de-stressing properties is there to relax you.

You will need:

2 Tipson Tulsi and Peppermint tea bags

1 tablespoons of honey

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Ice cubes

Lemon slices (optional)

Peppermint leaves (optional)


In a large heatproof jar pour in 01 cup of boiling water, and add in the tea bags.

After letting the tea steep for about 5-7 minutes, discard the tea bags so we can move to the next step.

Pour in the honey, lemon juice and give it a good stir.

Take out your serving glasses and fill them up with ice cubes, pour in the fresh herbal tea.

You can garnish with lemon slices and some peppermint leaves for self satisfaction, but it isn’t compulsory.



The optional addition of lemon slices and peppermint leaves bursts out citrus-minty punch and we recommend you add it.

Ashwagandha and Mango

iced lemon grass juice on wood background

Ashwagandha is well-known for its body-boosting abilities. Mango is a great fruit that contains many health benefits and the tropical flavour is just perfect for this season.

You will need:

2 Tipson Ashwagandha and Mango tea bags

Ice cubes

Rhodiola Rosea / or mint leaves (optional)


Start by steeping the tea bag in a heat resistant jar with ¼ cup of boiling water.

After brewing the tea for roughly about 10 minutes, remove the tea bags.

In your desired serving glass add in ice cubes all the way to its neck and pour in the hot tea.

Add in Rhodiola Rosea for an extra boost of energy. If you can’t find it mint leaves would totally do the trick and it’s got an amazing flavour!



For adaptogenic herbs diluted infusions don’t work effectively, so the brews are prepared extra concentrated, that is why the water quantity is low in this recipe.

For this blend an additional sweetener is not quite necessary because the fruity punch of mango gives just the right amount of sweetness for your iced tea.

Matcha, Honey and Lemon

Matcha with its powerful antioxidants and health benefits is there to relieve you from oxidative stress while providing you with an immense boost of energy. The natural flavours of honey and lemon makes the infusion better, perfect iced tea to accompany you with weary spring cleaning sessions.

You will need:

2 Tipson Matcha, Honey and Lemon tea bags

Ice cubes

Mint leaves (optional)


In a large jug or ideally a pitcher pour in 01 cup of boiling water.

Snip off the tags of the tea bags and dump it straight to the water.

Next it’s time to steep the tea, refrigerate the tea for 2 hours, it creates the perfect flavour profile.

After the tea has been steeped, discard the tea bags.

Now you can pour it into your serving glasses with a few ice cubes.

Top it off with a few mint leaves for an extra flavour element.



This tea doesn’t require glasses to have ice cubes to their neck because it was refrigerated, too much ice cubes can dilute your tea.

With natural flavours of both honey and lemon in perfect quantities, it is not necessary to add these ingredients additionally.

Moringa and Green Tea

What better way to chill out in your garden this season than an iced green tea? We’re running out of options. Also with an extra flavour note of moringa surely enhances this herbal infusion with its side of health benefits and energy boosting properties equally served.

You will need:

2 Tipson Moringa and Green Tea tea bags

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

Ice cubes

Mint leaves (optional)

Lemon slices (optional)


Boil 01 cup of water in a kettle, after it reaches a boiling stage remove from the heat.

In a heat-proof jar add in the tea bags (snip off the tags) and pour in the water.

Let it brew for about 5-7 minutes and discard the tea bags.

Pour in the lemon juice and give it a good stir.

Optionally you can add in a few mint leaves and lemon slices for a more refreshing sip.

Fill your serving glasses with ice cubes until it reaches the neck and pour in the brewed tea.



After removing the kettle from the heat, leave it for a few minutes to lower the temperature slightly, it gives the perfect water temperature for an extra perfect iced tea.

Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon

Cold tea with lime, mint and ice, selective focus image

Ginger and lemon is a must-have iced tea option especially around spring and summer seasons! Our addition of turmeric to it makes it even better with its array of health benefits together with its distinct hue and flavour.

You will need:

2 Tipson Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon tea bags

Lemon slices

A few ginger slices

Ice cubes

Turmeric (optional)


First thing is first let’s steep our tea.

In a large pitcher add in tagless tea bags, ginger slices, lemon slices, and a cup of boiling water.

Let it steep for about 10 – 15 minutes so the flavour of ginger and lemon goes well into the tea.

Next you want to discard the tea bags and also the ginger and lemon slices if you want to.

Top off your serving glasses with ice cubes and finally pour in the steeped tea.

Additionally you can garnish this iced tea with some turmeric.



We recommend you to leave the ginger and lemon slices in the tea for maximum flavour.

This Spring, keep yourself refreshed while enjoying the countless benefits of nature’s herbs with Tipson Herbal infusions.

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