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Ginger, Turmeric & Cinnamon: Power trio built for detox

Although not relevant to everything, it is a general impression that more is better. For example, the most praised UFC fighter is always the triple championship holder, right? So we took a herbal journey with concentrated research to discover the triple champions, the ultimate trio of natural detoxification, and succeeded! So take this walk with us as we unravel the special powers of this invincible and highly effective trio and guide you on getting the most out of them.

Why detox?

Detoxing is simply the process of getting rid of harmful toxins from your mind and body. These negative energies enter our body through food, water, polluted surroundings, chemicalized beauty products, negative feelings, and stress infusing thoughts. For an in-depth guide on the specifics of detoxification, we have a blog dedicated solely to the subject, you can check it out here. Ultimately you’ll realize it’s all about getting the most of what nature has to offer and that the super trio is the most effective ticket for a complete body to soul cleanse.

On to the inspirational part that’ll shoot excited goosebumps through your arms, a close up look at each organic spice and its specialty.

G.I. Ginger

G.I. Joe, in case you didn’t catch that, and it’s not just for an effect that sounds cool. Ginger is one of the spices that we often underestimate being widely used as a taste enhancer for curries and salads, it is way more than just a regular kitchen spice. If ever you feel uneasy in the morning with nothing but a bad dinner to recover from, ginger is the remedy to beat. It is an easy solution for common nausea, digestive problems, and troubled stomachs. Moreover, ginger is very high in antioxidants and is capable of boosting immunity for a body that isn’t just cleansed but is also able to fight off floating infectious threats in the environment as well.

Turmeric, the edible gold

Gold is one of the few things in this world that reaches great heights in value, and so is turmeric when you consider all the good it does to the human body. To start, turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties that will aid detoxification on a secondary level by eliminating physical pain caused by arthritis as well as other similar illnesses and freeing up your mind of nauseating worries. It is also an age-old healer of the liver and specializes in detoxifying the liver from toxins and harmful residue of alcoholic beverages. Enhancing the immune system and improving digestion are also goods that come with this golden spice!

Cinnamon charm

The sweet and spicy smell, the simplicity of its form doesn’t even begin to compliment the pros of this wonder spice. Being a very familiar face among the kitchen spices, cinnamon is a spice every person has tasted at least once, and here’s why you should do it more often! Just like any good detoxifier, cinnamon too, has good anti-inflammatory properties, above the abilities to aid weight loss and controlling diabetes. It is also very soothing for your skin, and consuming it will heal and cleanse the skin from the inside, bringing out the natural glow of your skin.

The trio as one

Having seen all the impressive goodness of these nature gifted spices, it is anyone’s guess to join their forces and make the best detoxifying concoction there could ever be, and that is what we had done! With Tipson’s Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon tea, you get a calming detoxification that you can enjoy at any time of the day! This is no medicinal bitter drink either, you can savor every sip of it and get the sensational tea desire satisfied perfectly too. Detoxifying is also only part of what this beverage provides, there are countless other improvements to physical well-being the main ingredients offer.

We must all remember to take care of the body and soul we always had been provided with to rely on, and doing so with only the help of natural, organic stuff is only doing it the best, least harmful way. If self-care and exploring the mystical herbal heroes behind it all is your cup of tea, head over to www.tipsonteausa.com and scroll through all the great reads and exclusive cups of tea you could be enjoying while reading them!

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