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How To Pair Matcha With Food

Matcha tea is already famous for its nutritional values and earthy, unique taste. As important as the drink, the food people get near it also matters. The food pairings with matcha tea can ensure that the beverage does not lose its health effects and enhance its taste. The pairings for a morning drink and an afternoon tea can vary. Plus, the purposes of the drinkers determine what to eat with matcha tea. If they want to lose weight, it is better to couple the drink with fruits. On the contrary, for enjoying the experience and satisfying the gut, they can opt for sweets. No matter what they pair this bubble tea with, it tastes fantastic in every sip.


This cute dessert is famous in Japan. It is a ball-shaped rice dough with different fillings. In Japan, mochi is the symbol of good fortune. Currently, mochi is accessible in various parts of the world. It can be as small as a walnut, or big as a lime. People like this dessert because it is both tasty and fun to eat. Its chewy texture makes it more enjoyable. With delicious fillings such as mango or strawberry, mochi is an excellent choice for coupling with matcha tea. If you are a matcha addict, you can even find a matcha-flavored mochi dessert. It is best to have this dessert with a cup of matcha after lunchtime.

Belgian Waffles

Another excellent dessert option for matcha tea is the Belgian waffle. People like to eat Belgian waffles in the morning or during the day to satisfy their sweet tooth. The waffle is as famous as the matcha tea in the U.S though it originated in Belgium. Combined with chocolate, or fruits like banana and strawberry, Belgian waffles can create a breakfast feast. Drinking matcha tea with this dessert will ensure that you are full for an extended period. 


Considering the history and the culture of matcha tea originated, it is noticeable that people prefer a green tea with Wagashi. Wagashi is a type of small confection that Japanese people serve with tea. Mochi also belongs to this category. Usually, Wagashi includes fruit, bean paste, and rice dough. However, it can vary depending on the type. People believe that pairing the matcha tea with Wagashi helps them enjoy sweets while still feeling the exact taste of the green tea. 

Breakfast Bowls

People who want to lose weight usually prefer drinking matcha tea. The reason behind this choice is that the drink has a fat-burning effect, improving digestion. Sure, there is no exact recipe for the breakfast bowl, as it can include veggies, fruits, granola with milk, nuts, and mire. As the aim is to eat well in the morning and less in the dinner, coupling the breakfast bowl with a cup of matcha tea creates more nutritional value. Hence, people can stay full for a longer time. 

As matcha is green tea, it is also full of antioxidants. Its EGCG element helps cells to fight cancer, heart disease, or type 2 diabetes. The drink stimulates metabolism and burns fat. Combined with regular exercise, matcha milk tea is the best friend of drinkers with weight-losing intentions. Pairing it with the right type of food can not only help you enjoy this delicious beverage even more, but it can also help you achieve your goals in a more effective manner! Check out our range of matcha based herbal infusions here: https://www.tipsonteausa.com/matcha/ 

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