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Introducing the all-new Tipson Avocado Range!

At Tipson, we believe in constantly listening to our customers, their feedback and requests! Today, one of the most requested products is now a reality! We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our sixth, and latest range to the Tipson family, the Organic Avocado Range!

The Organic Avocado herbal infusions come with the mouth-watering combinations of tropical fruits that are a real treat hot or cold! The range comes with six concoctions, each with distinct ingredients that provide numerous health benefits and divine flavor profiles. Starting out with Ginger and Cinnamon, followed by Lemon and Chamomile, Lemon and Ginger, Mango, Peach and Ginger, to finally luscious Tropical Pineapple.

The six herbal infusions of the range

Ginger and cinnamon

A tropical fruit carefully balanced with earthy flavors of Ginger and Cinnamon. We find this blend to be an ultimate perfection with unique notes of flavor, there’s not a day of boredom even if you consume it daily. It can instantly lift up your spirits with its bold, spicy taste. 

A majority of us are aware of Ginger’s potential, it is one of the best cures for times when you feel nauseous and when your body is not cooperating fully with the digestive system. In another note, Ginger contains antioxidants that scavenge through free radicals and get rid of them, relieving you from the pain of oxidative stress. Cinnamon, on the other hand, a soothing spice that is also a household favourite. You get triple the protection from germs with this wonder spice around, not only is it anti-bacterial, but it is also anti-fungal, and antiviral! Cinnamon also contains antioxidants that help against inflammation. Give it a try!

Lemon and chamomile

We are strong believers of the Lemon and Chamomile combination, which is why we incorporated it in our Tulsi range as well! This combination is filled with health benefits when combined with the goodness of Avocado. So for times you want something calming and lightweight but also something good for your body this is the blend to count on.

For many of us, skin damage is always mostly caused by too much exposure to the sun, air pollution, and aging. Research shows that Vitamin C is a great remedy for this kind of damage, and Lemon has a high volume of Vitamin C! Furthermore, Lemon is known to boost the collagen levels of skin, helping you get rid of those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidant content of this citrus fruit is no trivial matter, did you know that it is able to boost our immunity and protect us from potential risk of cold and flu? Partnering up the goodness of Lemon, is Chamomile and it’s no secret that Chamomile contains relaxing and stress-relieving properties. Were you aware that Chamomile helps lower blood sugar levels, especially for people that suffer from diabetes? On another note Chamomile is treasured by girls and women as it is able to relieve them from menstrual pain making them able to withstand it.

Lemon and ginger

Talk about another all-time favorite combination! We can’t stress enough the benefits of these two tropical ingredients. Being fully aware of the valuable health benefits it provides, we think it’s the perfect duo for herbal infusions that bring upon a healthy regimen.


We have incorporated Mango to two of our other ranges, Moringa and Ashwagandha before. Now we have created yet another marvellous invention of these two tropical fruits that stir together to create a wondrous herbal infusion. The fruity punch of the Mango goes well with the nutty taste of Avocado and is a match made in heaven in our opinion!

Mango contains immune boosting vitamins that can in turn reduce the potential risk of infections. This amazing fruit also contains a unique antioxidant called mangiferin as well as other nutrients that paves way for a healthy heart. Furthermore Mangoes are extremely good for eyesight as it contains special antioxidants that look out for eye health!

Peach and ginger

Peach has a fruity flavor with a delicate floral taste, while Ginger on the other hand is a spice that has an earthy flavor. But the duo together with avocado results in a blend that is incomparable. A quintessential blend that is a must-try!

Peaches have rich fiber content, fiber helps loosen up stored up stools, as a result there will be low chances of you having to suffer from constipation. Also some research shows that Peach helps lock in skin moisture promising a soft, supple skin whilst also protecting it from sun damage.

Tropical pineapple

That leads us to the final product of the range, Tropical Pineapple. Just like the Mango infusion this blend is of two tropical fruits too, and it is the perfect thirst quencher with citrus notes of Pineapple. The infusion is basically summer in a cup!

Pineapple has an impressive Vitamin C content, Vitamin C can enhance our immunity and also absorb some of that extra iron dose that we get from our diet. This tropical fruit is also known for its strong antioxidants that help in tackling oxidative stress. And were you aware that Pineapples contain bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps with digestion?

We’re extremely proud of the end product of our new range and we hope that you will think so too! Like we mentioned before this range is amazing hot or cold, so upon your current preference you can always enjoy the perfect cup of herbal tea. We have more flavorful infusions available in store that are a real treat for times you’re craving something else.

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