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Peppermint : A hybrid mint!

A good refreshment is always desirable, and a natural form in that case makes it even more fitting. Peppermint, boasting more benefits than we can imagine is the king of refreshment and cool breath! Keep reading to get to the roots of this wonder plant with us and discover all the cool perks it has to offer.

The fresh beginning 


Intentional cultivation of peppermint only began in the 18th century, in England, but it had been around way longer, in fact peppermint had been of great use in both cooking and medicinal requirements since around 1500 BC! The nickname “hybrid mint” evolved due to peppermint being a natural combination of two mints (spearmint and watermint). All these mints are different species of a common genus type known as the Mentha, each slightly unique in its own way, either tasting richer or being more beneficial in certain areas. Mint is the widely used and heard word, and it is often regarding peppermint, owing to its prominence among the rest with greater potential and better taste!


Clear, cool breaths  

Almost every toothpaste and mouthwash being some sort of mint infused mixture explains a lot here. It’s because peppermint makes your breath cool and rich scented. The odor of peppermint is a very favorable smell to the human nose and very relaxing and satisfying even to the user him or herself as they breathe. Aside from the refreshment, peppermint is believed to aid in clearing blocked sinuses, making for a clearer and easier breathing cycle! This is brought about by the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint. The much more familiar “menthol”, which is an active compound in peppermint, is proven to air flow in the human nasal cavity, hence the common mention of menthol is most toothpaste commercials!



A happier, healthier head

Being a rich source of menthol, peppermint shows promising effects on common headaches and migraine. Studies had long proven pain relieving and muscle relaxing abilities of peppermint and peppermint oil, both of which strongly aid in maintaining a stable head. Not to forget the cool stream peppermint passes through your body when you consume it in a minty beverage, promoting good blood flow and a soothing effect on the body and mind. 

Peppermint in tea


With the introduction of peppermint to stuff like bubble gums, breath mints and refreshing drinks, the trend had grown since and now reached tea. The kicker is, you not only get the refreshment, but the added health benefits of the other wonderous ingredients of the herbal tea too! The part to think on is does peppermint in tea provide any special benefits? In fact it does, and to list out the major ones;


  • The antispasmodic menthol in peppermint aids in making you stress and anxiety free.
  • A cup of tea with peppermint before bed could make for a much more relaxed sleep. A great option for people with insomnia.
  • Peppermint in your tea will keep you feeling full for longer and this could work in your favor if you are trying to lose weight. 
  • The adaptogenic properties of the active oil (menthol) in peppermint improves digestion and easily settles an uneasy feeling stomach whether it be motion sickness, constipation or IBS.
  • The antibacterial and antiviral properties of peppermint, with the additional powers of the natural ingredients in the herbal tea, gives a great boost to our immune system while ensuring its strength and status.


In conclusion, peppermint is a unique tasting, rich aroma expressing leaf that has great medicinal potential and mind enhancing abilities. Consuming peppermint is just a switch towards an overall better tea experience, with much needed physical well being benefits and a punch of refreshment! If stalking herbal tea ingredients and discovering their hidden powers is your thing, visit tipsonteausa.com and checkout of other blogs!




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