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Pomegranate: An Antioxidant Powerhouse

Talk about a fruit that has a place for everyone! Most love it just the way it is, and if that isn’t appealing enough, a juice or beverage with its rich essence gets you hooked right away! It’s all in the one of a kind taste pomegranate has, a combination of sweet, sour and its unique tongue tickling infusion. Keep reading to unveil the beauty and potential of this amazing fruit!


The flavorsome beginning

The first fruit bloomed in Persia according to strong beliefs and cultivation soon spread in Arabia, Afghanistan, India and China. Despite its rich flavor, pomegranate was primarily used as an aesthetic piece in the early times. Its crown-like shape, hundreds of seeds it houses and the bright pinkish red color meant a priceless design of nature. In fact, the pomegranate design was woven into the temple’s high priest’s robe and pillars of the temple. The vast edible side was soon discovered and fell in love with too, but never deprived of its eye pleasing ability, as a dish decorated with pomegranate seeds is no surprise nowadays!

Pompous for pomegranate?

With a relatively high price tag and a lot of praise around the common fruit community, there sure is a good reason for this specialty right? Yes there is! After the flowers see light, it takes 7 months for the fruit to ripen, which makes September and October the harvesting season. A long period of care, encouragement and human labor to have a fruit in hand, which puts it high on the valuation sheet. The rewarding health benefits add even more value, and screams a slot in this blog, so it’s up next!

The “Pomer-Power”



The rich red colour isn’t just for looks, it is the appearance of polyphenols present in pomegranate which are strong antioxidants. It is also the most concentrated of antioxidants among other fruits, which makes it very effective. The best part is, whether it’s a baby just learning to walk or an at-home, retired elderly person, it is desirable and treats the body right. To list out pomegranate’s arsenal;

  • It is almost 40% vitamin C, which is essential for the body.
  • The high antioxidant count is believed to aid in Alzheimer’s disease prevention and protect against loss of memory.
  • Reduces gut inflammations, promoting a healthier digestion cycle.
  • The flavonols present could cease inflammation linked to osteoarthritis.
  • Being widely known as the most heart-healthy juice, pomegranate makes blood flow through arteries smoother, while slowing cholesterol deposits as well.
  • Aids in lowering systolic blood pressure levels.
  • Has antiviral abilities with a lot of immune boosting nutrients to fight off common infections and maintain an overall healthier state.
  • Is the perfect workout partner, as it reduces soreness, improves strength recovery and decreases exercise damage done to the body.

The special hype over pomegranate makes more sense now right? It isn’t everyday you come across such a precious gift from nature, which genuinely does good to the body and soul.

Tea with a hint of red

The popular saying “better together” makes perfect sense here when it comes to pomegranate with herbal tea! The countless health benefits of pomegranate gets emphasised with even more goodness from the various special ingredients in herbal tea, making every sip exciting and a rejuvenation journey through the body! Some special powers are most effective when absorbed with the presence of another ingredient with relevant abilities and nutrients, hence the edge of including a proper herbal tea with the goodness of pomegranate in your meal plan. Aside from the obvious health betterment, pomegranate also gives the tea a flavor to crave for, making It a cup of rich nutrition and more!

This is proof that good health is something anyone can maintain, with the help of nature’s ingredients and nothing more! Tempting on the eyes, rich in flavor and a ton of health benefits, pomegranate is really the whole package. If you enjoy taking closer looks at special ingredients like this, visit tipsonteausa.com and get to know your teas!

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