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Spice It Up With Tipson!

Spices play a significant role in the way we cook and consume food around the world. In the ancient times, Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, and India attracted traders from remote parts of the world in search of exotic spices. Many of these traders went back with their share, while some even settled down and brought in some of their home-grown spices. Spices come with notable nutritional values and provide some major health benefits. Ordinarily, spices are known to compliment food with their unique flavours and aromas. However, what most of us don’t know is that spices bring remarkable health benefits.

Coming from a country that is rich in wondrous tropical herbs, Tipson has developed delicious concoctions of these spices to bring you all their nutrition. Here’s how the spices in our herbal infusions can support your health.


Cinnamon has always been a great treasure for Sri Lanka ever since the colonial times. Sri Lankan cinnamon has also been dubbed “true cinnamon” for its great flavour and high quality. Cinnamon carries an important compound named cinnamaldehyde which is responsible for most of its medicinal properties.

One of the most prominent health benefits of cinnamon is its strong antioxidant properties. It has shown to help reduce cholesterol levels significantly and fight inflammation. Cinnamon also has the ability to help breakdown carbohydrates more efficiently and improve one’s insulin sensitivity which can ultimately help to control blood sugar levels.

We recently wrote an article on why cinnamon is so good for you! Take a look for a detailed analysis into the health benefits of cinnamon.



Turmeric has always been one of Tipson’s favourite wonder herbs because of its remarkable medicinal properties. Apart from its stunning amber colour and unique sweet taste, turmeric also contains an important medicinal compound called curcumin. It has the powerful ability to fight oxidative damage in your body which makes it an impressive antioxidant. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Since inflammation is a key cause of many illnesses such as arthritis and heart disease, the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can help to prevent these diseases.

You can find further details on the goodness of turmeric on our blog about why Turmeric is indispensable!


Ginger is known to have originated in China and has a place in many Chinese traditional therapies. Ginger is an important ingredient in the traditional kadha recipe too. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world packed with important bioactive compounds and nutrients. The most nutritious component ginger contains is called gingerol. It has powerful properties that can help to relieve nausea, aid digestion and fight the common flu and cold. Additionally, ginger also has unique properties which can help to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterols which are known to be bad for your heart.


Peppermint is a cross of watermint and spearmint. In addition to its fresh aroma and cooling flavour, peppermint also brings many health benefits.

One of the most well-known medicinal properties of peppermint is its ability ro relieve digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and gas. Another unique benefit of peppermint is its ability to help relieve headaches through its muscle relaxant and cooling properties. Finally, having peppermint infused beverages can help to freshen your breath through its pleasant smell as well as its antibacterial properties that can help to reduce dental plaque which can cause bad breath.
Spices are an absolutely critical part of our life, and play a major role in ensuring our health and wellness! This is why, at Tipson, our research and development team has spent countless hours perfecting a mix of these spices with the finest tea to bring you herbal infusions that are sure to delight!

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