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Tipson Tea, the perfect stress buster

There are things in life that pop up spontaneously and demand attention all of a sudden. Stress is definitely one such thing, and anything that holds value in our mind is capable of triggering it. So we can already see that there is no easy way out of this thing right? Well we are here to simplify things for you, and help you overcome this unhealthy energy while enjoying every moment of the process!

Why turn to tea?

If stress busting is the main goal here, there are loads of other ways and suggestions from all over the world, with most of them already being used regardless of how effective they are, but why turn to tea then? As we all know very well by now, tea is no longer just an evening cookie dip. With the help of age-old experiments and new found gems, this vastly popular beverage has made its way into the health enhancing and soul nurturing categories. It is strongly believed and backed up by science that from the moment you initiate brewing your tea, your mind is taken to a better state. From the unique warm scent shooting along the streams of steam to the teasing touch on every sip, it’s all miraculously mind soothing.

Why Tipson tea?

Once again we are met with countless options, so why Tipson tea? The short answer is focused enhancement. Basically with the aid of extensive in-house research, we have categorised the many Tipson herbal teas according to the optimum benefit of each. Considering the need at hand, our calming teas range is a perfect fit!

All being highly capable herbal infusions, stress busting is simply just one benefit they all have in common. So let’s explore each sub range of teas to reveal their unique powers that will all be helping hands out of the stress dorm;

Coming in six different flavors, our ashwagandha range is a great place to start with. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb, with a lot of history and even more good to give, with the ability to help fight off anxiety and stress, overcome depression and even boost the human brain functions for an added advantage for a healthier head.

Tulsi, also known as the holy basil, is calmness that grows on a plant! In our Tulsi range, there is an even better variant at calming which is the chamomile and lemon tea, with the extra soothing effect that’ll get you through even the busiest days. Chamomile is also a known champ at promoting good sleep, so you’ll be well rested when you wake up every morning!

Theanine is the wonder worker behind matcha, making stress relieving as easy as ever. It’s an amino acid present in green tea, which excels at stress and anxiety reduction. Our matcha range also consists of six flavorful teas, so you can enjoy your mind pleaser in any taste you are in the mood for!

It’s the compound we’ve all heard of, it’s curcumin! Curcumin is a bioactive compound present in turmeric which has been used for ages to treat anxiety and depression. It is even believed to boost serotonin and dopamine levels, which is a highly effective way of treating mind problems. 

To sum up, it is a lot to choose from again, but all focused towards the same end goal, a lighter, happier mind, so save the next tea time to try out one of these and get a total treatment done while sipping on your favorite beverage!

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