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Staying in tip-top shape with Tipson

Starting off with a clarification, the fat you in the mirror isn’t really you! Fat is something extra you are holding in your body and doesn’t define you at all! So why keep carrying it around when you can get rid of it and be the real you? Follow along as we reveal the ultimate guide to losing weight and maintaining your true tip-top shape!

Meal plan

The fact that extra fats exist in your body means there is a high fat content in the food you consume. You need to control the amount of fats you take in first. This will minimise the introduction of more fat into your system, making your weight loss plan loads easier! The idea of a diet could be daunting, but don’t think of it as a struggle or as something you are forcing yourself through! Think of it as what it really is, the proper meal plan you really wish to follow that is the best fit to your lifestyle! Here are the basic points we recommend you consider;

  • Limit junk and greasy food! You don’t have to totally avoid them, just save them for the “hard to pass” occasions (Once a week tops).
  • Carbs is another type of food to avoid as much as possible, the lesser the better.
  • Include more vegetables, fruits and green leaves in your meals and cut back on canned and processed food.
  • Reduce the weight of the meal as the day progresses, making the breakfast the most filling and bulky and dinner the lightest and short.
  • Try to include things that do more than just satisfy hunger, like nutritious salad bowls and herbal teas. These, while ticking off another meal or beverage slot, will have added benefits on aiding weight loss and even more health benefits to promote an overall better health state!

Get your exercise in!

No amount of badly executed exercises will bring the weighing scale needle down, it is important to do the right exercises, the proper way, for the required length of time. Since our aim is to burn calories and lose weight, an hour a day, 5 days a week or moderate physical exercises, inclusive of a jogging session (15 to 20 mins) is ideal. The choice of specific exercises are pretty wide since exercises either directly burn calories and aid weight reduction, make muscles leaner increasing metabolism leading to faster calorie burns or directly focus on certain muscles to make for a better physique and aesthetics.

Snacking < literally anything else

As a result of being bored, stressed or simply a little hungry, people tend to munch down on short snacks as a temporary fix. This is bad and only makes it even harder to lose weight! This is because snacks need to be consumed in fairly high amounts until they have even a mild effect on hunger, so you will dump a lot into your body, without noticing most of it! So try to avoid “mid-meal” snacks, and if you can’t do without, give a healthier option a try! Consider an iced tea, give your body a good treatment while refreshing and filling yourself up. Latte tea is another delicious but filling option, and will do a lot more good than your go-to packet of chips! Since on the topic, skipping meals, quick bites and one meal to compensate for many are all bad choices and won’t be any good for your weight loss goal.

A tip-top mind

Above all, your confidence is a must have. Nothing can ever be achieved with the attitudes of a pessimist, so a good state of mind is crucial. Include motivative action in your routine, make it a habit to weigh yourself every week, the reduction you see can be very rewarding and you’ll feel happier to dedicate even more! Look yourself in the mirror everyday and embrace the transformation! Go to bed every night a well accomplished, satisfied person and wake up every morning pumped up and ready for the next day!

If physical wellbeing and self betterment is your cup of tea, head over to tipsontea.com and discover the many aspects of life you could enhance and enjoy! 

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