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The Bittersweet Spice, Vanilla

The go-to milkshake flavor and most popular taste of literally anything, vanilla. The tiny bottles you see on supermarket shelves are far from the real thing, in fact most of them are artificial forms with similar flavor. Much like the unique taste it has, the extraction process is of its own nature too. Take this flavorful quest with us as we dig deeper into the distinctive world of this bittersweet spice and be a lot more vanilla!




A teaspoon of history


Being a praised member of the immense orchid family, vanilla dates back to the 15th century. In the eastern coast of Mexico, Totonacs cultivated vanilla, which was soon lost to the Aztecs when they conquered the Totonacs. Aztecs apparently used vanilla as a flavor for their chocolate beverage, ironic isn’t it? The Aztecs and the Europeans continued to flavor the chocolate drinks with vanilla and claimed the drink alone as a “drink for pigs” without the vanilla! Vanilla remained a sole chocolate flavor until the 17th century, when a creative apothecary of Queen Elizabeth the first invented pure vanilla flavored sweets, which the Queen loved. Soon the French dipped into it and vanilla flavored ice creams were introduced. As the years went by, the wide versatility of vanilla got revealed, along with the many health benefits it proudly holds!


Better together?


Sip a little vanilla essence and you’ll know! Vanilla on its own has a dull, almost bitter taste. It is only with the combination of another food item, that you see its flavor being exposed. You could call it an unexplainable taste, as the experience could vary ever so slightly with the secondary food it is being coupled with. This is very clear when you try one of our latte teas and compare it to a vanilla infused herbal tea from our collection. 





More than just a flavor? 


Although widely used as a flavor, vanilla has its own line of health benefits as well. This is one of the prime reasons you see vanilla used in some of our herbal infusions, to make the most of its powers while getting the edge of flavor. To name a few of the worthy benefits;


  • High in antioxidants which aids in protecting the human cells from free radicals.
  • Believed to reduce bad cholesterol levels which promotes a better heart health.
  • Aids in soothing gut inflammations which makes up for a healthier digestive system.
  • Due to the boasty appetite it provides and the ability to make metabolism work more efficiently, vanilla might aid in weight loss as well.
  • A vanilla milkshake bringing you back to happier spirits isn’t a coincidence! Vanilla is known to be a good antidepressant, and could help you with a troubled mind on a busy day.


Vanilla tea  


The impressive health benefits speak for themselves here. Aside from flavor, some benefits contribute the most when in presence with one or few other beneficial ingredients. Pure vanilla isn’t cheap, with its pricey labor intensive extraction process and the low frequency of just once a year production favor, the inclusion of it is for a guaranteed betterment of the beverage! 


If this got you stoked, head over to tipsonteausa.com and be in the presence of countless health quests and beverages to introduce into your routine for a positive, exciting change!     


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