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The importance of herbal infusions to your health!

You hear herbal infusions a lot in tea, but what exactly is it? Does it promote health related benefits? Is it just a phrase used to state a quality? Should you consider tea with herbal infusions over other types of tea? Follow along and get all these questions answered and doubts cleared!


What are herbal infusions?


As we all know, there are certain natural herbs, shoots and roots that hold a lot of medicinal value and aid in the betterment of health and physical well being, which is all the more reason to try and incorporate them into our daily meals. But this isn’t practical the way it is, as they are almost always either leaves that won’t easily work in a salad or roots you can’t add to your curries everyday! As a solution, our older generation experts came up with a new form to easily include the goodness and essence of any natural herb in our usual meals. This were called Herbal Infusions, and was a clever process of containing the ingredients in a way so when soaked in hot or warm water, the precious natural oils and unique flavors to be absorbed by the water, which can later be consumed. 


Health benefits 


The herbal tea bag you dip in a hot cup every morning does way more than just quench your thirst for tea. Years and years of research and experimenting has revealed the great medicinal potential of countless herbs and plants, which has since been used in herbal tea. Moreover, you can now choose tea by any specific health requirement you have, making every sip you take completely aiding towards what you want! The gist of it is, you gain the pure goodness of the infused natural ingredients in your herbal tea. To get to specifics;


  • The miracle root Ashwagandha provides energy and aids in peace of mind and everything related to metabolism.
  • Moringa, a very well known leaf with a lot to offer, makes up for protein and muscle growth and a go-to option for slimming.
  • The Asian cultural leaf, Tulsi, is all about internal cleansing, detoxification and promoting calmness.
  • Turmeric is known to be great for healing and immunity strengthening.


Above all of this, some ingredients are most effective when paired with another, assisting in anything from a relaxed mind to a healthier heart!




Herbal infusions over other forms

The whole of the natural ingredient, in its purest form, is what herbal infusions is based upon, but there are various other methods used to obtain similar goals. The most common method is extraction, which consists of substance separation from the main source and removal of impurities until the required element is all that’s left. This, even though it sounds better, isn’t as various additives and foreign means are used to make the initial separation, whereas in herbal infusions the only process carried out is by yourself, when you steep the tea bag.


And what treats you good would be loads better if it tasted good too right? Herbal infusions take the lead again, due to each ingredient being used in its natural form with just harmless cleaning and all of the nature given flavor preserved! 

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