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The perfect morning to kick-start your day!

As we all know, whether you are running a race or facing a job interview, the start of literally anything is very important. The odds stand the same for your day too. From the moment you step out of bed, everything you do will contribute to the nature of your morning and ultimately the productive outcome of the whole day. It is pleasantly surprising how much of a difference some tweaking to the morning routine does to the rest of the day, which is why we are bringing you the ultimate morning routine guide for an amazing start to your day! 


Bedroom betterment


Your morning starts off in the bedroom, when you hear the alarm go off and crawl out of bed. Taking countless studies that say waking up early and success has a link into consideration, we suggest changing the alarm time to the earliest in the morning you can picture yourself waking up at. You don’t need to aim too high here, as waking up too early could backfire some other way. Getting up early gives you more time in the morning, to warm up and tackle tougher work and even casts a spell on your mind giving you a more accomplished and positive mindset! 


To wrap up the bedroom, make it a habit to make your bed and pat the pillows back up as soon as you are out of bed. The room will look much more welcoming and tidy!


All hail hygiene


Brushing your teeth is second nature, but pulling up fresh clothes isn’t. You need to change clothes along with tidying up, as sticking to your pyjamas doesn’t mean you are fully awake. Moving on to cleaning up, the tongue is not to be forgotten when brushing your teeth and a quick splash of water to the face and you are good to go. A complete bath is an added bonus that freshens you up and makes you more alert and active upfront. 


Mug of the morning


Aside from the usual glass of water by the night stand, a beverage before breakfast is something most people have got used to and prefer. It’s the first form of energy your body gets, the initial push, the appetizer if you will, which is what makes  it crucial. We suggest you opt for a beverage that hydrates your body, boosts your brain and opens up your mind to tackle anything you throw at it! One thing comes to mind instantly doesn’t it? Herbal tea! Not to state the obvious, but herbal tea early morning could benefit you in a few additional ways over the usual goodness as well. To list a few;


  • Provides the body of its normal intake of fluids to reach a level of healthy hydration.
  • Helps to concentrate on work better and keep your mind calmly focused. Also charges the neurons in the nervous system, improving their functionality.
  • Pure plain tea has zero calories, which means it is ideal to keep your weight gains in check.
  • Tea prevents tooth decay, with its ability to remove plaque.
  • Gives an overall active stance and preparation to the work at hand.



A run, rinse and rice


Next up is a muscle stretching, fat burning jog. A 20 to 30 minute jog around the block should burn off a far bit of fat and get your blood going, to kick start the rest of the morning. You will also feel much lighter and healthier, giving you the benefit of maintaining a positive mind throughout the day. 

A quick rinse after cooling down from the jog and you’ll be ready for breakfast. Rice, cereal, fruit juice or a hot beverage, all make great morning food, just make sure you keep tabs of the nutritional values. A good breakfast should have lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats.  


At the end of the day, you will be able to look back and be proud of the many little things that you had done differently, and the extreme benefits you had gained by those changes. Be at the top of your field, get the most out of every second you dedicate and make your day a time you wish you could spend again, all by simply having the ultimate morning routine! 

If this sort of self empowerment gets you pumped, head over to tipsonteausa.com and checkout all the inspiring reads in our blogs section!     

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