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Tipson Tea saved my summer!

Cait from wildwellness.life

I recently fell in LOVE with this amazing new tea brand, Tipson Tea, over the summer. My apartment was SCORCHING hot (we’re talking 85F/29C) and I needed something refreshing to cool me down and keep me on track with my work at home!

I’m all about daily rituals, and incorporating well crafted, organic teas is a high priority for me. Tipson has a HUGE line of Matcha, Turmeric and Moringa flavors that are more than just a tasty tea. Each flavor of tea is jam-packed with powerful superfoods and antioxidants, and are a delicious way to beat the summertime heat while chilled. Soon I get to enjoy my Tipson Tea while piping hot so I can warm up when the weather gets cooler. That at least gives me something to look forward to in Winter!

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