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Turmeric, wellness in a cup!

Turmeric is more commonly known as a spice, widely used for the golden colour it brings to curries and dishes, but it is far too special to be categorised as just a spice. The name “Golden Spice” was not bestowed upon turmeric just because of the colour, but to credit the impressive health benefits and special powers it possesses. It is highly effective and could even match the potential of pharmaceutical drugs without the nauseating side effects. Follow along as we get to the roots of this miracle root and find out just how rewarding it is!

A little history

Turmeric is known to have originated from Southeast Asia, and dates back over 4000 years! It has been used medicinally from the early days itself, the healing properties however were results of fairly recent studies. Turmeric is considered as something even more evolved than a medicinal spice by some cultures, for instance the Hindu sees turmeric as propitious and sacred. As it made its way to more countries and through the world, the potential and value of it was discovered, having become an ayurvedic main, herbal spice, go to healer and wellness pleaser!

Curcumin the curer

Turmeric contains the pigment curcumin, yellow orange in colour, great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well. Basically the muscles of this boasty rhizome, curcumin plays a vital role in the healing side of things. The science behind how this is done is, the antioxidants present in curcumin protects our cells from the damage free radicals (harmful scavenger type species) cause. The word around wellness groups is that curcuminis even more powerful than anti-inflammatory drugs!

Depression no more

Stress comes in various forms and strengths, but those most associated with depression are inflammatory and oxidative stress. Turmeric comes in again, with the ability to bring these stress forms down to low levels and ultimately fight them off. It’s true, one trip to the pharmacy and you could get yourself a far more effective and quick fixing drug for depression issues, but higher instant results come with a lot of unstable side effects. By the time your depression is treated, you will be left with various other health problems and irritative mood shifts, which makes a natural solution like turmeric the obvious choice!

A sharper brain

The human brain has neurons, which are responsible for creating new connections within the brain, making it sharper and better. BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) is one of the main activators of this process, which is a hormone present in the brain. Curcumin increases the levels of BDNF in the brain, additionally decreasing the chance of brain related diseases significantly! It is also believed to improve your memory and delay the aging of the brain, so some turmeric in your meals and beverages will keep both your food and brain power golden!

A happier heart

Endothelial dysfunction is the common enemy here, as it disrupts the functioning of the endothelium causing proper circulation of blood to fail, leading to life threatening heart diseases. You guessed right, turmeric ensures the endothelial function is burden free and smooth, leading to greatly reducing the risks of heart diseases!

Getting the most of the best, turmeric

Sure, the usual asian curries and cultural pancakes have some turmeric in them, but it could never become a regular habit with just these items. People are far more occupied now, time is very crucial and closely managed. Quicker and easier means of getting basically anything done are much more favourable. The more practical form of food intake is in beverage form, which brings us to turmeric tea! You can easily introduce it into your daily meal plan, simply replace your morning cup of coffee or the evening cup of tea with it!


Turmeric tea

Grated turmeric made into a powder and brewed to match a unique taste and made possible to enjoy whenever a cup of tea fits well! The “liquids are easily absorbed compared to solid food” rumour might just be a fact after all! Studies have proven that liquids are more readily absorbed and easily broken down by the digestive system, resulting in a more complete absorption of vital nutrients. Not just that, turmeric tea claims a great deal of health benefits as well, to name a few;

The curcurmin in the tea helps reduce arthritis symptoms.
Having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, curcumin is a top level immune system booster.
Provides a great natural solution to irritable bowel syndrome.
Prevents protein changes that occur naturally in the body with age, providing further protection from Alzheimer’s disease.
Protects against liver damage.
Helps the body to naturally manage and stabilise diabetes levels.

Good things do come in small packages, with the many diseases and just day to day health related problems life throws at you, nature also provides the solutions. We just have to be aware of them and find ways to be in regular touch with them! Looking for more inspiration? Head over to Tipson Tea and discover our range of delicious turmeric tea!

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