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Why should you be choosing organic herbal infusions?

With people becoming more concerned and interested about what goes into what they eat and drink, organic products have moved to center stage. But, how much do we really know about organic products? What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they beneficial to us? Read along as we answer all these questions!  

What are organic products? 

Organic products are made by raw materials that are produced by organic forms of agriculture. This generally involves crops that are grown without pesticides, fertilizers and bio-engineered genes (GMOs) among other things. Organic agriculture is actually environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. 

The set of standards will vary from country to country as none are alike. But to have a general idea, for a product to be certified organic it should;

  • Not contain fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals
  • Have no connection to genetic modifications
  • Not have any chemical inputs in the land for a minimum of three years
  • Execute occasional audits and inspections
  • Maintain a proper separation from organic and non-organic products

The textbook definition would define organic herbal tea as something which excludes pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals from its production process. That is what it is actually, although these methods can be pricey for the farmers they are well aware of the high return they get from each crop. 

People are willing to buy something that is actually good for them even if the cost is a bit high at first that way future expenses for hospital bills can and most certainly will be neglected. 

In a side-by-side taste test, you will notice the difference between organic and regular tea. The natural flavor of herbs, fruits, and flowers is enhanced and tastes very fresh. A replica (or close) to you brewing a cup of tea with herbs you pluck from your garden. Plus, it can help your health in the long term as well. This is because apart from the health benefits you receive from the herbs in the tea, you can also avoid the detrimental effects of pesticides and fertilizers such as digestive issues, irritations, cancers with a cup of herbal tea.  

The organic certification

Organic is a certification given to agricultural products and a variety of foods available in the market. In the United States, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)  is in charge of the National Organic Program and has the ability to certify food products as “organic” they are also known to have the highest standards when it comes to organic certifications and these high standards are in place to ensure that only the truly organic products receive the certification. However, if you do, it means you are one of the best organic brands out there!

The Benefits of using Organic ingredients in your Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are generally something we all consume with the expectation of gaining nutritional value.  We may be aware of the health benefits herbal tea provides, and it is quite an understandable fact how your cup of tea being organic will only improve and enhance those benefits.

  1. First of all organic tea is toxin-free and you know what you are consuming is good for you, so you are guilt-free.
  1. The presence of some bacteria is necessary for our body to function well and for our gut to be healthy, organic tea revamp and boosts the activity of these good bacteria.
  1. There is a high antioxidant content as you get the best version of the tea bud. It is in its most crude form, without any contrivance activities involved in its production.
  1. Calming properties at their maximum, it soothes and nourishes our nervous system, relieving us from consternation.
  1. It is the best possible hydration you can get in this chemicalized world, with no calories, no sugar, and also provides a good purpose.

The Tipson Promise

Tipson herbal infusions are 100% organic and certified by USDA because we aim to provide the best possible cup of tea to our consumers. The herbal infusions we provide you with, go through a series of tests to ensure that it really is the best. 

Whether it is one’s first time or otherwise we try to make their tea experience a wonderful, memorable one. 

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